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How to Avoid Costly Home-Staging Mistakes When Selling Your Home in Lubbock, According to Lubbock’s #1 Real Estate Team

February 13, 2019 By scotttomanteam

As a West Texan thinking of selling your home in Lubbock, staging your home for sale is one of the best ways you can prepare for a sale whether or not you are selling with a real estate agent.

Comparing how staged homes sold with how unstaged homes sold, the Real Estate Staging Association found that the staged homes sold in an average of 22 days while the un-staged homes sold in 125 days on average. While the study looked at only 170 homes, it certainly gives an idea of how important presentation and first impressions are when it comes to selling your home in Lubbock, Texas.

So the question becomes how you should stage your home instead of whether or not you should stage it. With years of experience selling homes in Lubbock and West Texas, The Scott Toman Team has sold homes of all different kinds and has developed an understanding of what buyers are looking for in different properties.

In this article, we’ll share our knowledge selling homes in Texas to help you avoid home staging mistakes that could cost your dollars on the sale when selling your home in Lubbock or West Texas.

Where to Start When Staging Your Home for Sale in Lubbock, Texas

When a potential buyer sees your property, whether in a Lubbock MLS Listing, in person, or in print, they make a judgment right there and then. This first impression can make or break your sale.

Understanding how buyers think, what they’re looking for, and which features of the house to leverage to make the sale are all part of home staging. If you think you could do with professional assistance deciding how to make your house appeal to buyers, don’t hesitate to contact Lubbock’s #1 Real Estate Team.

Staging Your Home To Scale

Since staging your home for sale in Lubbock is about making your home’s features stand out, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t do much to get your home sold. Each home is unique and should be staged to its strengths.

The first difference between each property for sale in Lubbock is the size and dimensions of the rooms which make up the building. Whether the home is big, small, open-concept, or cozy, the furniture and decor should fit its space.

For example, a spacious room with high ceilings should have enough furniture and decor on the walls to make it feel lived in and not empty.

Using furniture and accessories which match the scale of the room and don’t fit the space can be a costly home staging mistakes. Remember, potential buyers need to enter a space and imagine how it would look as their home.

If it feels barren and sterile, they’re going to have a tough time doing that. Buyers that don’t feel comfortable in a property aren’t likely to buy it, let alone pay over asking price.

Arranging furniture and picking pieces which give a room a sense of space is a fine balance between crowding the space and dwarfing it, which is why many people selling a home in Lubbock choose to work with a professional real estate team. Don’t overdo it when it comes to placing smaller pieces of furniture in a room to make it seem bigger. It generally comes off looking odd at best.

Striking a Balance When Staging Your Home For Sale in Lubbock

Just as your furniture should fit its surroundings in terms of size and scale, other elements of interior design need to strike a balance between bland and boring and loud and obnoxious. These features include:

  • Decorations such as art hanging on walls, sculptures, etc.
  • Patterns, colors, & designs
  • Plants & flowers
  • Rugs and carpeting
  • Cushions, pillows, and other adornments commonly found on furniture
  • Lighting fixtures

The golden rule is to be plain, tasteful, and cohesive with the interior design. A loud and colorful room draws attention away from the house while a bland, empty space makes a house seem unliveable.

Keep in mind that you should be staging your home to a generic taste, and not necessarily to what you find appealing. Buyers should find themselves at home in each room and be able to easily imagine their own lives living in the house.

Design & Decor Tips For Staging Your Home For Sale in Lubbock

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how to stage your home for sale in Lubbock, we can dive into a bit more detail about individual elements of the home staging process and how you can avoid making costly home-staging mistakes.

Stage Your Home For The Buyer, Not For Yourself

One of the most challenging aspects of staging your own home for sale without the help of a professional real estate team is removing your sense of taste from the home staging process. An experienced real estate team understands what buyers will find appealing in a home and how to present it to best accentuate these features.

A common mistake we see is homeowners staging a home for what they think buyers would want to see instead of what actually appeals to buyers. Removing your opinion of how a home looks from the home-staging process can be easier said than done, especially since taste is such a subjective sense.

Keep The Space Impersonal

Along the same lines of not staging the home for your own taste but for the buyers’, remove your own personal belongings from the property. These can include:

  • Family photos on the walls, on the mantle, etc.
  • Unique furnishings which stand out and don’t come with the property
  • Custom artworks which you’ve decorated your home with
  • Vases or other ornaments

These items should be moved to your next residence or placed in storage if you haven’t moved yet.

If your space is personalized it may even make potential buyers feel uncomfortable, especially if they are visiting during an open house. Without making the home seem sterile, present buyers with a space that they can easily imagine moving into. They should feel as though they already live there but just haven’t had a chance to decorate yet.

Make An Effort to Stand Out When Staging Your Home For Sale in Lubbock

A major and potentially costly home-staging mistake is being too neutral. Just because a space isn’t personalized doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting. A house for sale in Lubbock which doesn’t stand out isn’t likely to make a strong impression on the buyer or lead to a sale.

Subtle features like color contrast, elegant furniture, or a beautiful countertop are often enough to make your home memorable. Home buyers will be comparing your property to other homes for sale in Lubbock, so do your best to think of ways to make each room stand out without distracting from what’s really on display – the house as a whole.

Keep The Decor Subtle and Don’t Overdesign

Staging your home for sale in Lubbock is a balance between making it stand out and not drawing attention away from the house itself. One of the common costly mistakes we see when it comes to staging is an interior which distracts from the home.

Using neutral colors and plain patterns is a great rule of thumb. It’s also best to avoid custom patterns and wallpapers. Subtle design elements which dress the room but don’t distract buyers will help you avoid over-staging the home you’re selling.

Repaint Surfaces if Necessary

A great paint job can give a room a warmth that makes home buyers feel welcome, but if the paint job has seen some wear and tear it may make the home seem poorly maintained. Whether it’s a piece of trim, an interior wall, or the home’s facade, chipped, faded, or flaking paint can turn off buyers

It may require a small investment of time and money, but making sure the pain on your home is immaculate can help you avoid this costly home staging mistake when selling your home in Lubbock. Hiring professional painters may be a good investment, especially if you don’t have the time to do a great paint job.

Don’t Make the House Seem Empty

Our final costly home-staging mistake to avoid when it comes to decor is making the house seem empty. Buyers visiting the property should feel like they are entering their future home, not a model property.

Removing too much furniture or features of the decor will make the home feel cold and uninviting. Avoiding this home staging mistake is all about using subtle decor while adding an element to each room that will make the house stand out in the buyer’s memory.    

Help Your Home’s Best Selling Features Stand Out

Determine which architectural features of your home are its strongest assets then accentuate those features. Whether it’s a beautiful bay window, gorgeous vaulted ceilings, or a one-of-a-kind spiral staircase, draw the buyers attention to the features of your home that will make it stand out in the moment and in their memory later on.

The best way to draw attention to these exceptional features is to let them speak for themselves. Make sure they aren’t being overshadowed by other design elements or otherwise obstructed and they’ll be more likely to make a strong impression.

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to obstructing a homes selling features is covering a fireplace or mantle. Fireplaces are one element of interior design that appeals to many home buyers, so draw attention to it instead of covering it up.

Make The Best Possible First Impression When Selling Your Home in Lubbock

We’ve all heard the saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression. The same statement applies when you are putting a home up for sale in Lubbock. Your home’s exterior often makes the first impression, whether it’s for people driving by or as a Lubbock MLS listing.

Making a strong first impression comes down to a well-maintained facade, good landscaping, and a tidy yard. These elements are just as important as the interior of your home. Even if it costs a bit more to increase the curb appeal of your home, not making a strong first impression is a costly home-staging mistake you can’t afford to make when selling your home in Lubbock.

Want More Home Staging Tips for Selling Your Home in Lubbock?

As you can see, there’s a lot more to staging a home for sale in Lubbock than just cleaning up and taking down your family photos. It requires an expert understanding of the home’s true value and the potential buyers you are trying to attract.

Over years selling homes for satisfied clients all over Lubbock and West Texas, we’ve garnered insights into staging a home that enable us to get top dollar value for your property. In fact, we don’t consider a real estate transaction to be complete until you are satisfied – that’s our home-selling philosophy.

If you are thinking about selling your home in Lubbock reach out The Scott Toman Team, Lubbock’s #1 Real Estate Team, and we’ll help you get top dollar value for your home.  

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